How to Repair Neon Signs

How to Repair Neon Signs - Comprehensive Guide

Do you know how to repair neon signs? These beautiful signs and alluring emblems of brilliant hues emit electric energy. Just one look at these dazzling lights evokes charm and fond memories. Neon signs offer a sparkling touch to visual advertising that has been around for decades. It's hard to imitate the enticing sheen that their bright hues and vintage shine produce.

Neon art pieces are elegant and eye-catching; whether modern pieces illuminating a store or vintage neon signs in a historic diner have a special place in our homes and places of business. People are drawn to them for various lighting projects because of their captivating radiance, which never fails to charm them.

However, even the most resilient neon signs eventually experience a flicker, a fade, and finally go off. This does not mean they should be thrown out. Best of all, you can rectify the dimness and flashing yourself. It's easy to fix if you have your DIY neon sign repair kit. Sure, you may rekindle the brightness of these extinguished beacons regardless of whether you're generally into do-it-yourself projects.

Common Neon Lights Problems

Due to their vivid colors and glowing appearance, neon signs are memorable. Adorning an outdoor neon sign may be advantageous for numerous businesses as it can attract many people to the location.

It can be not easy to stay on top of neon signs. These things could be more user-friendly, as anyone who has attempted to repair a malfunctioning neon sign will attest. Several have delicate components, intricate wiring, and other little exasperations that are unavoidably annoying.

Neon signs are subject to inevitable parts failure and require repair to maintain optimal functionality. To maintain custom neon signs, it's crucial to regularly check for issues such as flickering lights, broken tubes, or faulty transformers. The worst-case situation is that a total replacement is required.

Nevertheless, you might encounter common neon light problems as you try to learn how to repair neon signs. Make sure you contact the appropriate maintenance services so they can assist you.


Dead Bulbs

Dead Bulbs

If any neon sign light bulbs are out of service, electrical connections must be inspected. This is a typical problem that can be readily resolved by skilled neon sign maintenance services. Nonetheless, some malfunctioning connections can be challenging to diagnose and result in more dangerous circumstances.

Verify that the sign's wiring is working throughout its entirety. Your repairer can inspect the wiring by taking it from its location and examining the contacts. You can use a screwdriver to exert a small amount of pressure to verify the strength of every connection. 

Flickering Lights

The source of your neon sign's intermittent flickering is loose internal wiring. This problem must be resolved with a more straightforward fix because expert wiring and circuitry work must be done. If not, the light will be unpredictable and bother nearby residents.

Flickering is a significant issue that must be resolved immediately. It should not be ignored for too long, as it could cause more problems down the road. Thankfully, maintenance personnel can resolve the issue before it becomes worse.

Shattered Lights

If you discover that a couple of your neon sign lights are out, glass breakage could be the cause. Continuous vibrations caused by the wind and other elements usually cause this.

One of the best tips to fix broken neon sign is to replace it completely. Make sure the glass is still in place. If so, you must purchase a brand-new neon sign from a reputable supplier. Next time, put the glass bulbs somewhere less unstable and secure them within.

How to Repair Neon Signs?

Let's prepare for the most important aspect of this article – how to repair neon signs! A simple toolset to help you in your neon repair quest is as follows:

  • A torch and a glass cutter are useful tools for precisely cutting and shaping glass tubing for repairs.
  • Leak Detector: This device aids in finding microscopic fissures that could let pressure drop.
  • Neon Gas: Select the gas (argon, neon, etc.) that corresponds to the color of your sign.
  • Neon Glass Tubing: Select the appropriate glass tube type and diameter for your signage.
  • Safety Equipment: To keep yourself safe from jagged objects, broken glass, and electrical risks, you must use gloves, goggles, and a sturdy ladder.
  • Screwdrivers, multimeters, and pliers
  • Transformers and electrodes: You need these for any faulty component. You might also get other neon sign replacement parts.
How to Repair Neon Sign?

With these tools, you are ready to fix the neon sign problems you might face.

Step 1

The first step in repairing neon signs is to check their functionality. If the neon sign isn't functioning, examine the light's voltage supply and search for any loose links. If it is extremely low on power, it will flicker or blink. You might need a step-up transformer if the lamp's voltage is not high enough. Check the electrical connections of neon signs for voltage with a multimeter.

Step 2

An antique neon sign may require repairs from time to time when its parts malfunction. The first steps in fixing neon lights are finding disconnected or broken wires, severely low voltage, and broken or damaged tube sections inside the neon light system.

Power does not get to the lightbulb because of wire breaks and shorts. Series-connected neon lights are prone to breaking and ceasing to operate. Find the damaged area on illuminated signs and work on restoring neon signs to restore their brilliant luster.

Step 3

When a neon sign's tube breaks, how can it be fixed? Start by checking the glass tube for leakage. Should the neon gas escape the tube, its brightness will get dimmer. Additionally, if air gets inside, the neon will stop releasing ions, and the bulb will stop emitting light. Neon lights and leaking tubes are difficult to fix. Over time, changing the leaky tube using a new one is less expensive and easier than replenishing the old one.

Step 4

Most defective neon signs lack a glossy finish. Plug in your signage to check. Next, make sure that the transformer is still operating as intended. A defective transformer could cause numerous issues. Getting a new transformer is the easiest solution to this issue. Remember to check the new transformer's output voltage to see if it can power the system efficiently.

Cost of Neon Light Repair

Cost of Neon Light Repair

It’s hard to ascertain the exact neon sign repair costs as they vary. How did the signage break? How much of a break is there? Did the maker use high-quality materials, or did they use cheaper alternatives?

Repairing a defective transformer is not the same as repairing a broken piece of neon glass. That repair will be more involved if your sign has broken, even slightly. If a loose wire is the best scenario, you should budget at least $50 to $60 for the repair. Repairs for minor glass cracks or transformer problems will cost $300–400.

Neon Sign Troubleshooting

Another important aspect of our neon signs repairing tips to explore is some troubleshooting procedures. This resolution can help you determine if you have a faulty neon sign.

Replacing a Damaged Transformer:

If your neon sign's transformer is damaged, it must be replaced. If there are no more issues, replacing it can significantly increase its lifespan by an estimated $200. However, fixing a neon sign transformer needs a highly steady touch and understanding of electrical wiring.

Flashing neon signs:

Neon lights that flicker can be caused by the same things that produce flashing: broken glass or problems with connections or cabling.

The neon sign is off and not functioning:

Is there any way you can turn on your neon sign as it is completely broken? Poor wiring or a damaged converter are most likely to be blamed for this. Ensure your neon sign is connected correctly by thoroughly inspecting all cable connections, as mentioned above. If you can, determine whether your transformer is operational, and if this is not the root of the problem.

Neon sign turns off after a short while:

If your neon sign can light on but turns off again after a short while, the electrical system or the power source is the issue. If you look for bad connections and cannot identify the problem there or with the energy supply, you may need to swap out the converter(s).

Neon Sign Maintenance

Neon Sign Maintenance

Neon signs typically don't need much upkeep. Yes, you may need to replace the electrical components every few years or so because they have a limited lifespan, like any other technical equipment. Other than changing the converter and the odd broken glass tube, you can do a few simple things to ensure your neon lights last for many years and continue to burn brightly.

You should clean your lovely neon sign sometimes since you don't want dirt or dust to build up on it. Your sign can be lightly cleaned with a moist cloth or dusted off. To prevent electrocution, please always turn off the electricity to the sign before doing any repairs!


Neon signs are a fantastic method of drawing in clients and projecting a positive picture of your company. Nonetheless, you must ensure that the light bulbs are functioning properly by fixing them as needed.

Are you ready to embark on your how to repair neon signs project? This is not just about changing lights. It's about identifying what might cause your light to blink and fix them. Nevertheless, this guide has provided everything you need to ensure your neon sign works optimally.

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