How To Clean Neon Signs

How to Clean Neon Signs?

If you own a neon light, learning how to clean neon signs is important. Neon signs are a fantastic way to showcase your company or set a particular mood in an area. After darkness lurks in, their luminescence shines brightly, but maintaining their cleanliness is essential.

While neon signs promote your company during the day, they truly come alive at night, making them a valuable tool for attracting customers. But if you do not frequently clean a neon light sign, they won't shine as brightly as needed. Neon signs require maintenance to function at their best, much like any other part of your business.

This article will explore how to clean neon signs, looking at the key items you need. Furthermore, you will learn how to clean a dusty neon sign without hiring a professional. If you are ready, let’s get started.

Importance of Cleaning Neon Signs

If you own a neon sign then it is necessary to clean and maintain your neon sign regularly. The primary purpose of cleaning neon signs is to maintain their brightness and longevity. Typical problems affecting these light indicators include stains, dust, and dirt. These materials build up on the light tubes' surface, blocking the bright light and lessening the signs' visual effect. Bright neon lights create a favorable impression of your company, enhance the perception of your brand, and transform spaces into inviting spaces for patrons or attendees at events.

Dirt and stains can cause your neon light signs to lose punch and brilliance. However, keeping them clean can prolong their life and ensure they make a good impression on everyone who sees them.

How to Clean Neon Signs?

When getting ready to clean neon signs, having the appropriate equipment and supplies is critical. You must have the following to complete the method of clearing dust, debris, and stains stated below:

  • Towel
  • Water (in two different containers)
  • Dry brush (A toothbrush is preferable)
  • A bottle of ammonia
  • Some cloths

When you examine your neon signs, it may take time to become apparent that you need to use all these elements to complete the entire method. You can prevent filth and stains from accumulating if you follow this procedure on how to clean neon signs regularly. To maximize efficiency, it is advisable to have all necessary supplies available while commencing cleaning.

How Clean Neon Signs?

Let's examine a few ways to maintain clean neon lights. Cleaning doesn't have to be difficult, regardless of the dirt you are working with. Consider these techniques to determine what dirt you can remove from your neon signs. Applying all three techniques might be appropriate for general maintenance.

Cleaning a Dusty Neon Sign

Neon lights are susceptible to dust buildup, lowering the light from the tubes. Therefore, the following steps should help you clean a dusty neon sign.

  • Turn off the plug: Numerous folks operate their neon signs nonstop. But, for safety concerns, neon lights must be turned off while cleaning. Before commencing, ensure that the sign is turned off and disconnected.
  • Utilize the brush: As soon as you disconnect the sign, use it to clean its surface of dust. To guarantee that neon signs are cleaned thoroughly, ensure that you cover the entire length of the tubes.

Cleaning Neon Sign with Water

Water may be necessary if your sign has tenacious dust or grime accumulations. See below for instructions on cleaning a neon light with more accumulated dirt.

  • Use a cloth (for tough dirt or grime): Once the brush has been used up, search for more tenacious dust buildups. Apply a damp towel to the affected region and massage it gently. Take care to avoid over-scrubbing or overflowing the tubing with water.
  • Check and drain the water: When done, use the second washcloth or a towel to remove any last traces of water. Check the neon sign closely to ensure all the dust has been removed.

Removing Stains from Neon Signs

Certain stains or scars may remain visible even after the preceding method is finished. Now, you should move on to the last step of cleaning your neon lights.

  • Combine the water and ammonia: Stir up ½ cup household ammonia and ½ cup water. Dip a towel into the mixture to squeeze out any extra mixture. Then, gently rub the stains or hardened filth with the towel to break down and lift them.
  • Use water to rinse: After applying the ammonia solution to eliminate the dirt, rinse with a wet cloth. After gently wiping away the ammonia solution, dry off with your towel.
  • Make one last check: By now, the tubing should be free of debris, discoloration, and dust. Look closely at the surface and use a dry cloth to remove any lingering imperfections. Once satisfied, re-plug it in and enjoy the brighter light.
Removing Stains from Neon Signs

With the three steps above, you have learned how to clean neon signs without spending much or hiring a professional. Nevertheless, it is important to observe safety rules and ensure you complete this DIY project when you disconnect it from the power source to avoid electrocution. 

Cleaning Outdoor Neon Lights

Neon signage outside is exposed to the weather. It's usually a good idea to encapsulate it or offer it additional protection from adverse weather, including intense rain or intense heat. This can increase its longevity and preserve its attractive and vibrant appearance for a longer period.

It's important to remember that neon lights placed outside will probably need to be cleaned more frequently because of their exposure to the weather when it comes to cleaning. At the absolute least, check them every two weeks and clean of any accumulated dirt or debris as needed. Ensure the light is turned off and ideally unplugged before cleaning, and then proceed with the cleaning procedure outlined in this article.

How long should Neon Sign Cleaning Last?

Each neon sign should require a few minutes to clean thoroughly. If everything is ready right from the start, it should be clean in ten to fifteen minutes, even for the dirtiest layer.

Remember that cleaning LED light signs is typically quicker and simpler due to the polymer coating on the tubes. Even if you are using water, you should still unhook them from the power supply. To achieve optimal cleaning outcomes, stay organized and avoid shortcuts.

Neon Cleaning Problems

Neon signs that aren't clean are bad for your company. Cleaning them is more difficult, though. Neon signage cleaning can be difficult. Typical problems include signs getting wet, using the wrong cleaning products, and applying too much force. Neon signs need to be cleaned carefully. One of the most common problems is the sign getting wet. If the signage is damp, it must be fixed because the electrical will short out.

Neon Cleaning Problems

The use of the wrong items is a frequent problem. A few things could damage the neon tubes in the sign. It is essential to use a cleaning solution designed specifically for neon signs. Excessive force applied to the sign could cause damage. The sign needs to be cleaned.

How to Maintain a Neon Sign?

Although caring for a neon sign can be improved, there are several steps you should take to keep the sign looking great and lasting as long as feasible. Even if you’ve learned how to clean neon signs, avoiding dust and dirt accumulation is crucial.

Keeping the neon tubing clean is also essential. If the tubing of dirty neon signs gets dirty, the indicator's light may flicker. Clean the tubing using a gentle cloth and glass cleaner. Neon tubing can shatter if any solvent gets inside it, so make sure to keep it out of there.

Maintaining a clean transformer is a crucial component of neon sign maintenance. The transformer transforms the AC voltage into the DC voltage, which lights the neon tubes. If the transformer is unclean, fluorescent tubes may flicker or not illuminate at all. Clean the transformer using a soft cloth and light detergent.

Maintaining the quality of the electrical wiring is crucial. If the wiring is damaged, the sign may blink or not shine at all. Ensure the wiring is regularly inspected and that any broken wiring is replaced to avoid this. Your neon sign may have a long lifespan and a beautiful appearance with minimal upkeep.


Undoubtedly, neon signs are critical for most businesses. During the dark, they help illuminate the surroundings. However, maintaining their shine and beauty can be a daunting task. In this article, we've provided neon signs cleaning tips. Learning how to clean neon signs shouldn't be left to professionals alone. If you run a personal business and want to reduce costs, learning how to keep your neon sign clean is important.

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