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Effortless Neon Sign Installation for Your Space

Upgrade your space with our high-quality neon signs, designed for a breezy installation experience. Our neon signs are perfect for adding a vibrant touch to any room, business, or event. With easy-to-follow instructions, lightweight materials, and pre-drilled holes, installing your neon sign is a hassle-free process.

Our neon signs come with all the necessary mounting hardware, ensuring a smooth setup. Whether you’re decorating your home, office, or storefront, our neon signs provide a striking visual appeal without the stress.

Experience the convenience of our plug-and-play neon signs, equipped with energy-efficient LED technology for long-lasting brilliance. Enjoy a quick and straightforward installation, so you can start showcasing your stunning neon art in no time.

Choose our neon signs for a seamless installation and vibrant ambiance. Brighten up your space effortlessly with our easy-to-install neon signs today!

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    • Your custom neon sign is handcrafted by our professional artists with the use of a high-quality LED flex tube that consumes less energy than your traditional neon lights. The eco-friendly LED neon is set on a durable clear acrylic backing. This new technology provides heatproof, silent, and safe operation, ensuring that you can enjoy glowing lights with no risk to your health.

    • A clear acrylic backing supports our neon LED signs and you have the option to choose the thickness according to your preference. We can also make it into the typical rectangle or square signboard, or have it closely fit your design’s shape.

    • You can hang the neon sign in the open for several hours during events. Otherwise, you can specify that you need outdoor neon signage, which we create with a thicker LED tube engraved within the backing. We can also provide a water-resistant IP67 transformer for your use.

    • Yes, you have free rein over your oasis neon sign! With our Neon Sign Builder, you can select the font, color, and other specifications of your backboard. We have a wide range of customization selections for you.On the other hand, if you want something other than text on the neon sign, you can check the Upload an Image function or discuss with our designers what you want to include in the artwork. We’d be happy to create your idea into a glowing sign!

    • We’re proud to say that our custom neon signs can come in a wide range of tube colors! You can choose trendy options like hot pink, neon green, blue, and cool or warm white. You can also pick unusual shades like teal and purple. If you want color-changing signboards, we have RGB neon tubes for that, too!

    • You can hang or mount your tailored neon backboard on any surface you want to decorate. Each product comes with a simple screw kit that you can easily install the DIY way. You can also purchase command strips that lock in and hold tight instantly.

    • Oasis Neon Sign creates handcrafted signboards so it could take a maximum of 2-3 weeks for a standard shipping. This lead time allows us to create your personalized LED neon wall art flawlessly! Should you wish for an express delivery, please opt for express delivery during the checkout, additionally you can write to us at "" to priotise your order.

    • We carefully package our deliverables to prevent damage due to mishandling upon shipping. However, if it happens, we are amenable to any request for replacement or refund. You can refer to our return and refund policy regarding the steps to follow when dealing with damaged items.

    • Should the product received is faulty, two options are available a) replacement of the product b) full refund. It is decided upon case-by-case basis. If you wish you to apply for return, we would require you to send a short video of the faulty sign along with some photographs showing the faulty area and send us an email at "". Faulty sign must be returned in its original condition and within 7 days of receiving the same. We shall endeavor to resolve this swiftly.

    • LED neon signs are very safe!

      Our signs operate on low voltage (12 volts) and produce minimal heat, making them safe to touch—even after being on for an entire week! Additionally, our signs contain no glass. Our Neon Signs feels similar to a rubber tube, and all signs are mounted on a durable acrylic backing that is hard to break.

      In the unlikely event that your LED neon sign gets damaged, it is usually the acrylic backing that might crack. The PVC tube housing the LEDs is extremely tough and unlikely to break. Unlike traditional neon signs, which use fragile glass tubes that can easily shatter and pose a hazard, our LED neon signs are a safe alternative. We definitely would not recommend traditional neon signs for a child's room, but our LED neon signs are perfectly safe for such environments.